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The introverted, quiet and reflective half of the monumental electro titans PROJECT PITCHFORK, Scheuber seems to find their seemingly sensual, melancholy world of sound therapeutic. With an all-encompassing, calming intensity that reaches deep below the surface, and which noticeably envelops this sound setting, the musician faces insidious demons, destructive adversaries and perennial opponents. However, instead of countering them with a stubborn, unrestrained attack, he offers instead openness, love and consideration. But above all with inner peace, thoughtfulness and mental strength.

‘Shades’ is truly a work of magic driven by tireless, eruptive passion, fervour and devoted musing, which continuously captivates with its humility, gratefulness, moving poetry and awareness, as well as its romantic, seductive cascades of sound that are full of depth and substance. With a certain pop appeal, ‘Shades’ winds through dreamlike synthpop realms, classic EBM and visionary darkwave. These twelve intimate snapshots, which begin with the driving, rising ‘Helium’ and which suddenly become completely liberated and disassociated, ending with the elegiac goosepimple-inducing number ‘Recaptured’, are just waiting to be heard. The closing number (along with the piece ‘Coloured Rays’) features the vocals of the extremely talented young singer Lilli Engelhardt, forming the perfect emotional vocal foil to Dirk Scheuber’s moving vocals. Between this rebirth and the liberating release can be found truly powerful compositions such as the hymnal, majestic ‘Smoker’, the enchanting, bewitching ‘Spirit’ plus the literally infinite ‘Move Mountains’.

It’s an undisputed fact: ‘Shades’ is pure disengagement, absolute devotion and virtually a meta- morphosis, reflecting the present and the authentic presence of a phenomenal Dirk Scheuber, who is fighting his personal darkness and who at the end succeeds in liberating his soul. Immense in every respect.

TRACKS: 01. Helium, 02. Smoker, 03. Spirit, 04. Coloured Rays, 05. Reverent, 06. Fame, 07. Tempo, 08. Move Mountains, 09. Sleeping Fool, 10. Bruised, 11. Tainted Hearts, 12. Recaptured

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