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New [:SITD:] - STUNDE X [LIMITED] DIGICD View larger




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New Studio Album by [:SITD:] - First Limited ‘INITIAL EDITION’ in DigiPak! „Stunde X“ a new beginning? Well, not totally since the band is still the same. The sound has been modified, it’s more fresh, modern leaving old paths. With new label and new booking agency may 2019 sees the return of SITD with their new studio album „Stunde X“. Eleven new songs haven been unleashed by SITD with their charismatic lead singer Carsten Jacek. What’s new? The bands occur has changed a little less dark with brights, shiny artwork a slightly modified logo and more fresh sound. Lyrics-wise you’ll find again songs in both German- and English on „Stunde X“, a MASSIVE album that features loads of high grade club tracks with top Potential! Already their first single outtake „Sturmlicht" showed the direction! SITD is to move forward - sails are set!

TRACKS: 01 Greater Heights 02 God’s Blessing 03 Revelation 04 Sturmlicht (Album Version) 05 Drowning in the Flame 06 Symptom 07 Olymp 08 Miscreed (Album Version) 09 Benediction 10 Grenzenlos 11 Orbiter

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