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SPARK! - CHAOS CD View larger




release date: 13-12-2019

15,00 €

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One of Swedens ABSOLUTE top bands in the EBM scene is finally back with a new album. With "Chaos" SPARK! is ready to take yet another step in developing their own unique style of EBM. Mixing something that the genre normally totally lacks: CATCHINESS. The tracks by SPARK! have always been hard and straight forward but with a twist that really gets people to move and sing along. "Chaos" is no exception! It is simply more of everything and is for sure their strongest release to-date. This is what Progress calls a HUGE ending of 2019. The band has built an extremely MASSIVE following all over Europe in these pas 10 years and last year they made a BIG step forward, away from the tiny ‘EBM’ festivals to the major ones, playing both at Amphi and NCN to name a few.

TRACKS: 01 Släpp In Mig 02 Jag Vet Vad Du Vill 03 Chaos 04 Två Mot En 05 Cause and Effect 06 DNA 07 Snabbare och Högre 08 Stålgrå Himmel 09 Klara Färdiga Gå

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