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RELEASE DATE: 06-03-2020

28,00 €

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Aggrotech from Mexico – that was a highly explosive cocktail since the day it was mixed, and Amduscia was standing front line since their debut „Melodies for the Devil“ (2003). Existe is the next milestone they managed to add to their career. Welcome to a world where danceability and aggression are two sides of the same coin.

If you want to step right into the cosmos of Amduscia, „Existe“ has a special bonus for you: On two additional CDs Amduscia bring a Best-Of with all their hits. If you want to get a view into the impressive work of this unique band, you get the whole service here. But of course there is also a bonus for the Die-Hards: The „Perdición, Perversión, Demencia“-Demo is included on CD 3. And as if that wouldn‘t be enough, there is the additional bonus track „No Control“. AMDUSCIA are on Tour this spring solo and together with Hocico, Chrom, Blutengel…

TRACKS CD1 (Existe): 01 Delirious 02 Oscuridad en Ti 03 Fake Time 04 Demons Dance Floor 05 Unexpectable Infinity 06 Existe 07 Just feel and Enjoy 08 Neo Vital (Madness In Abyss Part 2) 09 Wish to get down 10 Muerte Sin Control 11 9 Letters 12 Artilugio de Insanidad 13 Agony for Faith

TRACKS CD2 (Best Of): 01 Absolution 02 Seal you in Red 03 Dead or Alive 04 Dios Vuelto Miseria 05 Seduccion es mi Placer 06 Corpses Symphony 07 Solo Maquina (Antihuman remix) 08 Melodies for the Devil 09 Adicto al Dolor 10 Evil Song (Paradise Mix) 11 Profano tu Cruz 12 Impulso Biomecanico 13 Placeres Negros

TRACKS CD3 (Best Of + Perdicion,Perversion, Demencia): 01 Kill Inc., Motherfu*kers 02 Perverse Party 03 Perversión, Perdición, Demencia 04 The Spell 05 Una Esperanza rota 06 Filofobia 07 Beyond the Darkness (Demo Version) 08 Profano tu Cruz (Edit Version) 09 Fucking Flesh (Demo Version) 10 I see tou praying (Demo Version) 11 Evil Song (Demo Version) 12 False Freedom (Demo Version) 13 No Control (Bonustrack)