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55,00 €

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Limited edition coloured 4 remastered vinyl set. 32 tracks plus digital copy. Includes four page insert "Muscle And Hate" with photos, track titles, credits and band background. Comes with download code. Plain black inner sleeves.

TRACKS A: A1 Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works 3:47 A2 Warsaw Ghetto (Single Version) 3:48 A3 Murderous (7" Edit) 3:35 A4 Let Your Body Learn (Album Version) 2:49 A5 Join In The Chant (Burn!) 5:25

TRACKS B: B1 Control I'm Here 3:53 B2 Hearts And Minds (Album Version) 3:45 B3 Captivate (Album Version) 3:57 B4 Shame (Radio Mix) 3:19 B5 Lightning Man (Transmission Edition) 4:14

TRACKS C: C1 Fun To Be Had (Album Version) 4:43 C2 Getting Closer (Album Version) 4:14 C3 Family Man (Original Version) 3:55 C4 Come Alive (Original Version) 6:11

TRACKS D: D1 I Give To You (Album Version) 5:09 D2 Godhead (Album Version) 4:29 D3 Ascend (Single Mix) 3:31 D4 Kick It (Album Version) 3:38 D5 I Thought (Single Mix) 3:46

TRACKS E: E1 Get Clean 5:17 E2 Join In The Chant (Gold!) 5:53 E3 Control I'm Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix) 6:29

TRACKS F: F1 Hearts And Minds (Mix Hypersonic) 6:06 F2 Shame (Mix Two) 5:58 F3 Captivate (William Orbit Mix) 6:18

TRACKS G: G1 Backlash (William Orbit Mix) 6:15 G2 Fun To Be Had (Long Mix) 7:16 G3 Ascend (Remix) 6:01 H1 Out Of Mind (Maitresse Mix) 3:57 H2 Lakeside Drive (Remix) 5:21 H3 Kick It (Popular Music Mix) 3:54 H4 I Thought (Final Sin) 8:25