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release date: 03-06-2022

29,00 €

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TRIPLE DISC collection of rare Radio Broadcasts, 1970-1981. Formed in 1969 by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, Kraftwerk’s contribution to the development of electronic music remains unsurpassed. Having inspired everyone from Bowie to Joy Division and Radiohead to Moby, this strange collective has also proven responsible for entire genres to emerge – electronica, techno and synth-pop to name but three.

This new triple disc collection now brings together live recordings from Kraftwerk’s career, fea- turing radio broadcasts made between 1970 and 1981, the band’s glory years if you will. DISC ONE collects together one of the early two-piece band’s (augmented by a floating coterie of other Dusseldorf musicians) initial commercial gigs, played at the Karussell der Jugend in Soest, Germany, on 15th November 1970. Kraftwerk play all tracks of their Debut album of the same year, ‘Ruckzuck’ in two very different versions. Also included is an interview with Schneider during which he explains the roots of the group and equally waxes lyrical about their development and progression across the years.

DISC TWO of the set features Kraftwerk’s show performed in Köln in 1975, alongside tracks from their “L’Olympia”, Paris concert, recorded the following year on 28th February 1976. This disc features tracks from their debut, from the 3rd album ‘Ralf & Florian’ [1973], from ‘Autobahn’ [1974] and ‘Radioactivity’ [1975].

The set then culminates on DISC THREE with Kraftwerk’s 1981 performance recorded in Tokyo on 7th August 1981. This CD contains mainly tracks from the albums ‘Trans Europa Express’ [1977], ‘Die Mensch-Maschine [1978] and ‘Computerwelt’ [1981].

TRACKS CD1 [1970]: 01 Von Himmel hoch [16:43] 02 Ruckzuck [10:41] 03 Stratovarius [9:48] 04 Megaherz [10:44] 05 Ruckzuck [5:32] 06 Interview with Florian Schneider [7:33]

TRACKS CD2 [1975+1976]: 01 Ruckzuck [9:34] 02 Komentenmelodie 1 [16:57] 03 Autobahn [26:39] 04 Airwaves [9:12] 05 Tongebirge / Tanzmusik [10:41] 06 Mitternacht [9:07]

TRACKS CD3 [1981]: 01 Numbers [0:57] 02 Computerworld [5:11] 03 Computer Love [5:36] 04 Home Computer [4:49] 05 Neon Lights [8:15] 06 Autobahn [17:35] 07 Showroom Dummies [5:35] 08 Trans Europe Express [9:18] 09 The Robots [7:05] 10 It’s more Fun to compute [8:02]

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