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release date: 28-10-2022

27,50 €

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The first print of the all new Solitary Experiments album comes as beautiful DigiBook-Edition! Familiar and yet so different - that’s the challenge the Berlin Electro heroes Solitary Experiments have once again taken on - maybe more than ever before!

Their eighth studio album ‚Transcendent‘ again lives the band’s motto ‚Solid, catchy, high quality electro sounds with attitude‘, but for the first time in the almost 30-year band history, frontman Dennis Schober also welcomes a number of guest singers for the eagerly expected album. Well- known names and not only a few. The duet with Kirlian Camera chanteuse Elena Alice Fossi in ‚The Great Unknown‘ is worth a bow, while analogue-ruffian Dirk Ivens on ‚Zeitgeist‘ create the most untypical, yet most intense SE tracks ever. Familiar and yet so different!

CD2 takes this to the next level, presenting four new songs with four guests at the microphone, with In Strict Confidence singer Nina De Lianin in particular adding a considerable nuance of romance to the electronic tune of ‚Träumen‘. But that’s not all: CD2 “Enlightenment” also features 5 additional remixes of album tracks PLUS 3 more remixes of earlier SE-tracks for a total of 12 songs on this bonus-Album!

True to it’s title, the album ‚Transcendent‘ is a highly sensual experience in which both SE founders Michael Thielemann and Dennis Schober never lose sight of their electronic-melodic core, seemingly expressing with every chord: ‚Now we’re dancing in Delight!‘

TRACKS CD1 “Transcendent”: 01 Wonderland 02 Heart of Stone 03 Every now and then 04 Head over Heels 05 Zeitgeist feat. Dirk Ivens (Dive) 06 Discipline 07 Transcendent 08 The great Unknown (Album) feat. Elena Fossi (Kirlian Camera) 09 End of Story 10 Self-fulfilling Prophecy 11 In Agony

TRACKS CD2 “Enlightenment”:

01 Träumen feat. Nina De Lianin (In Strict Confidence)

02 Sea of Love feat. Patrik Hansson (Uncreated/Vanguard)

03 Anyone out there feat. Gabriella Åström (Me the Tiger)

04 So bizarre feat. Nils Upahl (Beyond Obsession)

05 Every Now and Then (Rob Dust RMX)

06 Heart of Stone (Grendel RMX)

07 Wonderland (In Strict Confidence RMX)

08 Heart of Stone (Run Level Zero RMX)

09 Wonderland (Supreme Court RMX) Lost tapes (Bonus Material)

10 Darkness falls (Anxiolytic RMX by MC1R)

11 Road to Horizon (Controlled Fusion RMX By Steffen Schuhrke)

12 Immortal (Massiv In Mensch RMX)

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