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release date: 07-04-2023

40,00 €

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yelworC were a highly influential Dark Electro group from Munich/Germany, formed by Dominik van Reich (later amGOD) and Peter Devin in the night of New Year's Eve 1987/88. After three highly regarded demotapes, the band released their pathbreaking debut album "Brainstorming" in December 1992 on infamous Celtic Circle Productions. The album was marketed by C.C.P. as a "futuristic and neo-apocalyptic Electro-Dark synthesis". yelworC’s sound was often compared to Placebo Effect on “Galleries of Pain”. The album was followed by the legendary EP “Blood in Face" (C.C.P., 1993), which contained the club hit "Soulhunter" and more. The band disbanded shortly after and Dominik van Reich went on to found the project amGOD. 2 more yelworC albums and an EP were released in 2004 and 2007 (on In Strict Confidence’s Minuswelt label), but featured Peter Devin only. The following 4 vinyl re-releases are officially authorized versions and no bootlegs!

Strictly limited to 200 copies, on WHITE Vinyl For the first time EVER, the incredibly rare and hard to find first yelworC tape, self-released in 1989 on TAPE only. 9 tracks, 45 minutes.

TRACKS: A1 Data-Control (Long Version) A2 Undertaker (Special Short-Mix) A3 The Deathwish A4 Mind-Section (Commando-Mix) B1 Vanguard B2 World under Fire B3 Half Life (Atomic Life) B4 Breaking of Proceedings B5 Integra (Instr. Vomit-Dump-Vers.)

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