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release date: 28-07-2023

28,50 €

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Limited and hand-numbered Edition of strictly 242 copies!

Style: Electro/EBM/New Wave. L

The duo PLASTIKSTROM entered the musical stage in the mid-2010s with a self-published Mini- Album. The 2 band members Jürgen Schips and Matthias Günzler were not newcomers to the scene, but left their mark with the band Darc Entries back in the 90s. While Darc Entries was still a classic Gothrock-Band, Plastikstrom switched to purely electronic sounds. After their debut "Beton gegen Angst" (2019), the successor "Eskalation" offers a nicely balanced melting of minimal electronics and dark-aggressive sounds. The dark electro origins in the 90s style are clear and obvious, but always combined with other influences. The German-language lyrics do the rest to make "Eskalation" stand out from the crowd – in addition there is a noticeable punk spirit, that adds to the uniqueness of this act. The title track "Eskalation" offers a mixture of minimal electro and future pop and immediately sticks in your head. "M.K.O." and "Pogokinder" present driving Electro-Punk. "Gipfelstürmer" will find its way to the dance floors, despite (or per- haps because of!) tricky rhythms with a driving sequencer bass and catchy synth lines. That's also exactly what "Tanz Allein" was produced for, actually a sure hit for the scene. With "Letzte Worte" and "Atmen" Darkwave fans are also dazzled.

Plastikstrom have learned their lesson and make their own style out of Darkwave, EBM, Electro- Punk, added by a few experimental sounds and rhythms: Dark Electro for the dance floors. A Vinyl edition on WHITE Vinyl will be available in Summer…

TRACKS: A1 Eskalation A2 M.K.O. A3 Gipfelstürmer A4 Letzte Worte A5 Atmen A6 Tanz allein B1 Pogokinder B2 Gedankenlösung B3 Mutterschoß B4 Labyrinth B5 Schüsse

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