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New DEAD LIGHTS - GLITTERSPIT DIGICD dark tunes View larger




release date: 11-11-2023

21,00 €

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CD without the track ‘Incubation Chamber’, which is exclusive to the 2LP.

One of the biggest revelations and constant sellers on the Cold Transmission label (SYZYGYX, Bedless Bones, Ultra Sunn, Iamtheshadow, Grey Gallows...) was the British/Dutch’s self-titled debut album in 2021. Unfortunately they now signed to the wrong (high priced!) label… Imagine NITZER EBB, FRONT 242, NERO, and THE PRODIGY jamming in a Victorian cemetery at midnight, illuminated by ultraviolet moonlight. DEAD LIGHTS presents modern EBM moulded into catchy songs with surgical precision. Bass-heavy, buzzing magnetism with pummeling, yet groovy, mechanical rhythms. All this delivered with an '80s UK synth-pop, glamgoth flair and an urgency that is tangible.

The 12 songs (on Vinyl, 11 on CD) on their eagerly awaited second album are filled with monu- mental synth bass lines and gritty sounds, elaborate vocal arrangements and brutal, industrial dance beats for the dance floor, your headphones as well as your living room. Lyrically they are delving into the darker side of the human condition, skewering life in the social media age with a savage wit and poetic flair. Prepare for songs of loss, lust, drugs and death."Glitterspit" showcases DEAD LIGHTS' visceral and sleazy hybrid of hard hitting dance beats, monumental synth bass lines and catchy vocals. The international duo offers high energy, dark electronic songs with killer grooves, dark industrial popsongs destined to fill dance floors in a dystopian world.

TRACKS: 01 Let the Ugly out 02 I am electric 03 Receiver 04 Elevator Muzak in Heaven 05 Rush 06 The electric Ocean 07 A World in Error 08 Sinners are more Fun 09 Into the Night 10 Transform 11 Drown with You

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