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release date: 28-03-2024

70,00 €

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This Limited Edition comes as follows Opulent hardback picture book with 2 CDs CD1: the album ‘Elysium’ CD2: contains an EXCLUSIVE bonus song & 3 quite different remixes of album tracks! Outer wrap printed in colour and featuring additional metallic print Unique, mysterious visual worlds by SilentView 80 pages, in a large format (approx 28 x 28 cms) worthy of the superb visual imagery Contains the entire album lyrics Fine art print on high-quality, glossy coated 150g paper, with additional metallic ink Black front and rear endpapers Elaborate black thread stitching Strictly limited to 2,000 copies worldwide

Everything ends. Eventually. The good and the bad, the pain and the pleasure. This is a pillar of our very existence: mortality defines us, fulfils us, makes us feel, think, and be. Mortality, infinity and everything in-between are also what drive Peter Spilles, the ingenious mastermind of PROJECT PITCHFORK. For over 30 years he has been studying the human condition and the metaphysics of the cosmos, the magic that binds us, the fear that stalks us. With "Akkretion" and "Fragment", he released the first two parts of an interstellar trilogy in 2018 – albums that illuminated the dark electronic universe of PROJECT PITCHFORK like never before. After a long silence, the final act of this cosmic symphony is upon us: "Elysium". And the wait was worth every second. “Elysium" is nothing less than the soundtrack to the stars, trans- ported to earth and translated into huge cathedrals of dark electronic sound. Nothing has been the same since the first two chapters of the ultimate PROJECT PITCHFORK triptych were released. For Peter Spilles himself, for each of us, indeed for the whole world. Pandemic, war, and a planet increasingly groaning under billions of bacteria slowly bleeding it . dry.

Therefore, the Peter Spilles we meet in "Elysium" is - and has to be - a very different Peter Spilles. Despite current and past world-weariness, the music remains intense, urgent, and uplifting. In fact, it seems as if Peter Spilles has weaponised the experience, channeling it all into the sheer power of "Elysium". This is pure catharsis in electronic form, a glowing monolith which effortlessly trans- cends time and space, pulsating through towering gothic anthems for a broken world. Of course, after almost 20 albums, Spilles understands both the game and theory. He knows better than anyone what defines the DNA of PROJECT PITCHFORK, a distinctive sound instantly recognisable, gloriously unique. A glimpse into his innermost being has always been a thing of terrible beauty but now it grows ever more beguiling.

In these new beautifully crafted songs, the things which hold us together inside and drive us apart outside collide in a pitch-black explosion of hard beats, iridescent melodies and the unique cosmic . aura that only he can achieve. “Elysium" dares us to escape, travel the stars, be weightless for a moment and forget all that binds us to the ground. And that doesn't mean gravity alone. More than ever, his songs are anthems of resistance, of rebellion. Against stupidity, against apathy, against the destruction of the planet we call home. Against the eternal void that awaits us all. Everything ends. So far, so final. Nihilism notwithstanding, this is the battle cry to make every second of our lives count. Peter Spilles shows us how: With "Elysium", he not only delivers the furious, rousing conclusion to a great trilogy, but perhaps the magnum opus of a stellar, truly idio- syncratic career. Dark electronic music doesn't get much better than this.

TRACKS: 01 Galaxies 02 Unity 03 Der Tanz 04 Learning to live 05 Summer Walk 06 Melancholia 07 Isolation 08 Axiom 09 Transformation 10 Memories 11 Blind Mice 12 Final Words

racks CD2 (ONLY available in the limited Edition): 01 Is it You? 02 Unity RMX 03 Summer Walk RMX 04 Transformation RMX

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