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release date: 27-03-2024

12,00 €

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Limited and hand-numbered edition, coming in special resealable, silver ‘surprise bag’, incl. CD, booklet and more!

La Machine unveiles 'W454', the third episode from its trilogy of EPs, where the new threat now comes from the future... the great beyond and other scary alien worlds! Always where you least expect it to be, La Machine offers a complete rework of a 1976 song by French popular (where ‘popular’ stands for France) singer Michel Sardou, adding a whole new sci-fi flavor to it.

Depicting a dehumanized world, 'W454' tells the story of a future, where we all have become interchangeable numbers. Quite ‘modern’, for a track from 1976 actually…. The 5-track EP is completed by ‘Invasion Humanoïde’ and a cover of Pierre Henry's 1967 electronic hit ‘Psyche Rock’ and two exclusive remixes.

LA MACHINE is a collaboration of two of the most famous and acclaimed electro projects in France: POSITION PARALLÈLE and CELLULOIDE!

Created by Pierre Pi (Komplex, Position Parallèle, Communication Zéro…) and Éric U0 (Celluloide, Thee Hyphen, Signal~Bruit…) La Machine spreads its high-definition vintage electronics in a way that is as insidious as it is subversive.

TRACKS: 01 W454 (edit) [03:09] 02 Invasion Humanoïde [03:17] 03 Psyche Rock [02:48] 04 W454 (remix) [04:30] 05 Invasion Humanoïde (remix) [05:10]

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