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New CETU JAVU - WHERE IS WHERE [LIMITED] 2LP mecánica records View larger




release date: 12-07-2024

42,00 €

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Limited edition of 500 copies in HEAVY gatefold sleeve and a poster. Cetu Javu was a German synth-pop band lead by singer Javier Revilla Diez and synth wizard and composer Chris Demere. They started with the band in 1984 and in the spring next year surprisingly reached the third place in a young talent festival in Hanover. Several other shows followed but the highlight was a concert in December of 1986 as the opening act of Erasure. Their first maxi single “Help Me Now” was released in the spring of 1987 on their own label’s. Through the mediation of Talla 2XLC, Cetu Javu got a record contract with major company ZYX Records and released their debut album “Southern Lands” in 1990.

When the song “A Dónde”, a B-side sung in Spanish included on the single “So Strange”, hit number two in the Spanish charts, the band surprisingly achieved a great success in Spain and toured the country in an extensive way. The second full-length, “Where is Where”, came out in Spain in 1992. The success did not stop here and led Cetu Javu become very popular in other countries such as Argentina and Mexico. Unfortunately, in 1994, between personal prob- lems and having to make decisions about the future, the group withdrew from the music scene and each member moved to focus to other activities.

“Where is Where” is now re-released ,containing the original album along with some extended versions and remixes from the singles “¿Por Qué?”, “Dame tu Mano” and “Una Mujer".

TRACKS: A1 Dame Tu Mano A2 Where A3 Un Día Normal A4 News B1 Tiempo B2 Caribbean Dream B3 Sometimes B4 Una Mujer B5 Segregation C1 Another Step C2 ¿Por Qué? C3 Dame tu Mano (Long Version) C4 Una Mujer (Vocal Remix) D1 ¿Por Qué? (Long Version) D2 Heads or Tails D3 Don't leave Me D4 Time

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