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release date: 29-09-2017

62,00 €

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Collector’s Vinyl Edition of the first three ROME albums, STRICTLY limited to 500!

• White coloured 3x12“ vinyl

• 180g audiophile vinyl

• Gatefold cover in all new artwork

• Printed inner sleeves

• Three postcards (DIN A6 each)

• Sticker (105 x 148 mm)

• Hand-numbered by Jérôme Reuter

• Personally signed by Jérôme Reuter

• Strictly limited to 500 copies

In 2006 ROME took the Dark Wave and Apocalyptic-Folk scene by surprise with the release of their debut EP "Berlin" and the first full-length album "Nera", which ended up being the first part of a trilogy of albums (Nera/2006, Confessions d'Un Voleur d'Ames/2007 and Masse Mensch Material/2008), all of which were recorded within the first 18 months of ROME's existence. Mastermind Jerome Reuter sprouts from the punk and sing-songwriter genres and combines these attitudes into a sombre and experimental dark folk with a strong personal imprint. In their formative years ROME were about emotive songs and collages that are both catchy and disturbing. These songs awake memories of love and death, with the reoccurring themes of despair and loss, guilt and grief, might and war. With this strong series of records the band not only proved that they were a force to be reckoned with, but also set the tone for years to come. Trisol is both honoured and proud to finally make these records available as a beautiful triple 12” vinyl edition.

TRACKS LP1: A1. Der Zeitsturm, A2. A Burden of Flowers, A3. Reversion, A4. A la Faveur de la Nuit, A5. Das Unbedingte, A6. Rape Blossoms, B1. Beasts of Prey, B2. The Blade unmasked, B3. Hope dies painless, B4. Nera, B5. Birds of Prey, B6. Les Hirondelles

TRACKS LP2: A1. Ni Dieu ni Maitre, A2. The Consolation of Man, A3. Le Carillon, A4. Der Wolfsmantel, A5. Querkraft, A6. The Torture Detachment, B1. La Voile de l'Oubli, B2. The Joys of Stealth, B3. This twisted Crown, B4. Novemberblut, B5. Wilde Lager, B6. L'Adieu aux Anciens

TRACKS LP3: A1. Sonnengötter, A2. Der Brandtaucher, A3. Das Feuerordal, A4. Der tote Spielmann, A5. Wir Götter der Stadt, A6. Die Nelke, B1. Der Erscheinungen Flucht, B2. Die Brandstifter, B3. Kriegsgötter, B4. Wir Moorsoldaten, B5. Neue Erinnerung, B6. Nachklang

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