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HEILUNG - FUTHA 2LP View larger




release date: 28-06-2019

32,00 €

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Transparent, Limited Edition, Gatefold Sleeve .

Heilung bring their shamanic, otherworldly vibe from early Medieval Northern Europe with their new dark album 'Furtha'.The previous album"Ofnir" was a very masculine album. To create it, Heilung took a big part of the lyrics from preserved rune inscriptions on weapons and armour. "Futha" is the counterpart, the balance point, the feminine side. Here, the lyrics originate from old Icelandic poetry, in which the holy women chant magic spells and offer their blessings. Hence, female voices are more prominent on "Futha".The album was three years in the making and was finished for production and print at midwinter, the very darkest day of the solar year, the 21st in the 12th month at 21:00. Any attempt to link the Danish band with or bring their music into a modern political or religious context is pointless, since Heilung try to connect their listeners with a time before the coming of Christianity and modern political ideologies.


1 - 1. Galgaldr 2. Norupo 3. Othan 4. Traust 5. Vapnatak

2 - 1. Svanrand 2. Elivagar 3. Elddansurin 4. Hamrer Hippyer

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