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release date: 24-08-2020

19,00 €

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Coming in full colour six-panel digipak with very positive/‘happy’ (?) artwork…

SIEBEN-mastermind Matt Howden (ex-Sol Invictus, Duo Noir, 7JK etc.) on the new album: "Wtf? I spend ages writing about how we’re all going to fu*k the Earth and ourselves if we don’t change our ways, and you start the apocalypse without me! 2020 VISION brings you Kev, the sentient five-string Kevlar violin. He’s provided the heavy new pulse behind this record – and a good bit of back-chat, too. He’s given Sieben a sharp blade, and the will to use it . Times like these probably need an album with some positivity. Wish I’d known that before writing this one! ‘That we drown while being burnt to a crisp by a glaring sun, that forges new life when rid of us’ is about the sum of it. “Pretty damn positive”, says Kev, “though not for you humans.”

BlackMagazin: "2020 Vision" is a very well done album, on the one hand another great SEVEN album, with a clearly heavy sound in places, on the other hand one that you have to listen to several times, especially because of the lyrics...

Monkeypress: Drama and harmony go hand in hand on the album... Despite all the influences and facets that the album offers and reveals, it sounds like all of a piece. Matt Howden's new acquaintance with Kev has clearly done the album a lot of good and with all the hassle surrounding the pandemic and the impact on the way the album is released, it has to be said: Vision 2020 has turned out very, very well indeed!

TRACKS: 01 We’re all fu*ked, Kev 02 Enzosonbenzos 03 Reckoning Beckoning 04 Death Tape updated for 2020 05 Shirt of the Apocalypse 06 Berylsinperil 07 Vision 08 The Darkness you have drawn 09 You, My Cult of Blight 10 Come and ride in the Cult of Light

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