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release date: 23-07-2021

18,00 €

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Nordic pop diva KARIN PARK of ÅRABROT adds her ethereal, mournful voice and keys to the primordial sound of legendary electronic pioneer LUSTMORD for this sublime and poignant collaboration. ALTER is a ritual of our times.

On the pair's frst collaborative work, the nine tracks that make up ALTER are every bit as heart- wrenching as they are terrifying, mining new sonic territory, it is a fascinating study of light and shade that delves deep into vast uncharted darkness. Their ability to create atmosphere on the album opener "Hiraeth" is second to none, perfectly assembling a harrowing backdrop for Park's lilting sound of longing. From there, Park's vocals add all of the emotional depth and power found in names like Kate Bush or Elizabeth Frasier (Cocteau Twins), perfectly playing against Lustmord's waves of dark drama and creating a wholly unique record that recalls Dead Can Dance, Massive Attack and Portishead at their greatest.

Considering Park’s credentials, it might be surprising that a collaboration with Lustmord would fit so seamlessly. Utilizing a sound comprised of elements of industrial, synth pop and more, the celebrated Swedish solo artist and member of Norwegian rock band Årabrot utilizes ex- perimentation in her work, blazing trails and bringing to mind the work of her peers The Knife, Depeche Mode and Burial with her darkly-rich compositions. But it is the sensibility of the sacred music of her youth that Park adds to ALTER, contributing a powerful vocal that guides the listener through the cavernous, mystical depth of their collaborative work.

A review:

Not a big fan of Karin Park singing in Årabrot. Here, her voice adds an incredible depth to Lustmord’s minimalist dark ambient patterns – and that mystical/incantatory touch that makes all the difference! Instantly addictive, yet demanding, Alter brings a new definition of hypnotic.

TRACKS: 1 Hiraeth 06:17 2 The Void Between 09:03 3 Perihelion 05:31 4 Twin Flames 11:04 5 Entwined 09:26 6 Kindred 07:52 7 Song of Sol 07:36 8 Sele 09:10

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