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release date: 20-07-2021

15,00 €

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File under: Ambient / Downtempo

Long out of print, Blue Moon Station is the second full-length album by acclaimed Swedish pro- ducer Magnus Birgersson, aka Solar Fields. These eleven songs were originally released in 2003, and helped building and shaping Solar Fields signature soundscapes. Ambient wide spaces intertwined with synthetic beats (“Infection 268-7”) and off-planet drones (“Magnetic Air”), peacefully accompanying you through extra-vehicular activities on Blue Moon Station, wherever in the galaxy it may be. Sidereal will bring Solar Fields sophomore album to a new life re-releasing it on CD with a com- pletely renewed artwork, as well as bringing it to a (double) vinyl version for the first time ever in two stunning colors. Blue Moon Station comes in a new life also in its audio content: not only a beautiful new artwork and charming vinyl colors, but a huge remastering job done by Robert Elster at Elster Mastering Studio will feed the picky audiophile’s hunger. Time to pack your bags and leave for Blue Moon Station. It’s going to be a wonderful trip.

TRACKS: 01 Confusion Illusion 02 Elevator Sunshine Girl 03 Cosmic Dessert 04 Magic Eye 05 Infection 268-7 06 Magnetic Air 07 Majestic Feeling 08 Blue Moon Station (album version) 09 Planet Zoo 10 Third Time (a-version) 11 Swimming with Stones

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