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400 LONELY THINGS - MOTHER MOON DIGICD cold spring View larger




release date: 21-04-2023

18,00 €

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Style: Dark Ambient / Drone / Electronica

Format: CD in 6-panel, spot-varnished digipak

The new album from 400 LONELY THINGS, produced by WILLIAM BASINSKI, is a dark ambient, sample-based séance to the Banning Mill - a real-life decaying "mansion" and haven for artists, freaks and misfits in the backwoods of the American Deep South in the 1970s-1990s - and an extraordinary piece of art that lived there. An archaeological excursion in found sound - wandering through the art and memory of a real place, "Mother Moon" is an origin story for 400 Lonely Things.

In the 90's, Craig Varian was fortunate enough to frequent the Mill in the years before it closed. It was here that he was ex- posed to the artwork of Richard Scott Hill, whose artwork "Minotauress" graces the album cover. His work both captured and fed into the Mill's sinister yet playful undercurrents of mania and depression. This album, born out of that first visit to the Mill, is an imaginary soundtrack to the many years of solitude the Minotauress spent hanging in the musty, secret winding halls of Banning Mill. Since the days of the Mill, Craig Varian, along with best friend and late musical partner Jonathan McCall, found a thread of music they'd been consistently making yet had previously failed to notice - melancholic instrumentals with weathered sampling at its core - going back to their earliest re- cordings in the late 1980's. Eventually, this music was called 400 Lonely Things.

"Mother Moon is a cypher that saves an important hidden fragment of cultural history from erasure" Ben Ponton, Zoviet France.

"Mother Moon is darkness calling. It will take you to the outer limits and leave you there. Guaranteed to twist your mind" Andrew Hulme, O Yuki Conjugate.

TRACKS: 01 Good Morning (7:55) 02 You must sail to the haunted Stars (11:34) 03 Parlor Tricks (7:33). 04 Many Moons (9:20) 05 In Darkness (6:01) 06 Oh My Soul (7:16) 07 Banning Mill (10:41) 08 Cast us deep in Mountain Sleep (11:25) 09 I live in the Green blooded Forest (6:51)