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STOA - ZAL [LIMITED] CD alice in... View larger




release date: 01-12-2023

16,00 €

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sToa is an outstanding neoclassical darkwave project from Germany, whose first two albums were released on legendary HYPERIUM Records, while the later 2 came on Alice In… All 4 albums are highly searched for releases and unavailable for years. But beware: All 4 re-releases are strictly limited to 300 copies ONLY and will be sold out FAST!

First released on Alice In… in july 2002, the album was sold out after 2 years and re-released in 2008 already - but deleted again for many years since! ZAL album renounces completely on rhythm instruments such as drums and bass but offers classical acoustic arrangements throughout and sends shivers down your spine from first listening. The music of sToa is playing with the understanding of Time. ZAL is stopping the time or let it appear eternal... ZAL contains eleven wonderful pearls of sound that are of an intensity and beauty that is hard to describe. All tracks on ZAL are original compositions of sToa or their adaptions of classical tracks, except for one track, which is a cover-version of a song by BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL.

TRACKS: 01 I held the Moon 02 Alone 03 I wish you could smile 04 Think about Eternity 05 Maare 06 Chanson d'Automne 07 Winter 08 Ariels Song 09 Soft Snow 10 Nubibus Atris 11 Puisque tout Passé

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