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BATMOBILE - BAIL WAS SET $6.000.000 [LIMITED] LP View larger




release date: 08-03-2019

16,00 €

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Remastered Reissue + 2 Bonus Tracks

The legendary Dutch psychobilly kings Batmobile formed in 1983 were the first band not from the United Kingdom to perform at the influential psychobilly club Klub Foot. After a few months of covering old rockabilly tunes, they decided to start writing their own material, leading to the release of their self titled debut album in 1985 and tours all over the world. With 'Bail Was Set at $6,000,000' (originally released in1988) Batmobile was looking for a sound that was more fitting to the live sound of that moment, something they always did when recording an album. The main difference with the previous albums was that they put more emphasis on the guitar, which led to a slightly ‘heavier’ sound than Batmobile had before. The album itself contains songs that became long time live favorites such as “Kiss Me Now”, “Calamity Man” and the Motörhead cover “Ace of Spades”.

TRACKS: 1. Kiss Me Now 2. Magic Word Called Love 3. Can’t Find My Way Back Home 4. Mystery Street 5. Calamity Man 6. Shoot Shoot 7. Gorilla Rock 8. Gates Of Heaven 9. Girls Girls Girls 10. Hang On 11. 100 Pounds Of Trouble 12. Ace Of Spades

BONUS TRACKS: 13. Kiss Me Now (1987 Demo Version) 14. Magic Word Called Love (1987 Demo Version)

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